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TMB Executive Search has over 20 years’ experience advising traditional and alternative asset managers on Japan focused investment appointments based in Asia, Europe and the U.S.




CEO, CIO, Managing Director, Director of Research and Senior Advisor roles for Japan investment operations and strategies based in Asia, Europe and the U.S. with traditional asset managers, hedge funds, private equity funds, sovereign wealth funds and investment consulting firms.

Portfolio Management

Japan Equities Associate to lead Portfolio Manager roles for long-only asset managers and hedge funds across various investment styles (value and growth) and strategies (long-only, long/short, activist, event driven) based in Asia, Europe and the U.S.

Investment research

Japan Equities small/mid to large cap Associate to senior investment analyst roles for both sector focused ( Financials, Industrials, TMT, Consumer) and generalist positions for long-only asset managers and hedge funds across various investment styles (value and growth) and strategies ( long-only, long/short, activist, event driven) and private equity funds based in Asia, Europe and the U.S.

Investor Relations & Product Specialists

Investor relations and product specialist professionals representing Japan strategies to global institutional investors (endowments, foundations, corporate & state pension funds, family offices, Fund of Funds) and global/international strategies to Japanese institutional investors.

TMB operates multiple service models designed to pinpoint how we deliver value to our clients most effectively.



Leadership / Senior Management

  • Representative Director – Japan Office – Tokyo
  • CIO, Japan Equities – Tokyo
  • Director of Japan Equity Research – Tokyo
  • Investment Director, Private Equity – Tokyo
  • Director, Head of Alternative Investment Consulting – Tokyo
  • Senior Advisor – Japan Activist/Engagement Fund – Tokyo
  • Head of ESG – Tokyo

Portfolio Management

  • Portfolio Manager/Analyst, Japan Equities – Value – Tokyo, London
  • Portfolio Manager/Analyst, Japan Equities – Growth– Tokyo, Hong Kong
  • Portfolio Manager/Analyst, Japan Equities, L/S – New York, Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo
  • Portfolio Manager/Analyst, Japan Equities Small Caps – Tokyo, New York
  • Portfolio Manager/Analyst – Japan Special Sits – Tokyo/Hong Kong

Investment research

  • VP, Investment Analyst, Japan Equities, Industrials – Tokyo
  • VP, Investment Analyst, Japan Equities Small Caps – Tokyo
  • VP, Investment Analyst, Japan Equities, Financials – Tokyo
  • VP, Investment Analyst, Japan Equities, Consumer – Tokyo
  • VP, Investment Analyst, Pan-Asia Financials – Singapore
  • VP, Investment Analyst, Pan-Asia Technology – Hong Kong
  • VP, Investment Analyst, Pan-Asia Industrials – Hong Kong
  • Investment Analyst, Japan Equities, TMT – Tokyo, New York
  • Investment Analyst, Japan SMID – SG
  • Investment Analyst – Japan Equities – Activist Fund – Tokyo
  • Associate Investment Analyst, Japan Equities – Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong, New York
  • Associate, Japan – Activist Fund – U.S.
  • Associate Analyst, Asia Team, Venture Capital – U.S./Tokyo

Business Development / Client Services

  • Client Portfolio Manager, Multi-assets, Tokyo
  • Product Specialist, Global Equities, Tokyo
  • Product Specialist, EAFE Equities, Tokyo
  • Director – Client Services – Japan Institutions – New York
  • Director – Investor Relations – Activist Fund – Tokyo
  • Investor Relations Officer – Hong Kong

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United States
Hong Kong & Singapore

2021 Projects:


Traditional Asset Managers
Hedge Funds
Private Equity/VC

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Retained Search & Advisory
Advisory (only)
Contingeny Search


Retained Search

Formulation of tailored search & selection strategy; assessment of candidate universe, compilation of target candidate list, candidate contact & appraisal, feedback and assessment during interview processes, offer strategies.

Contingency Search

TMB selectively engages search projects on an exclusive and non-exclusive contingency basis, where it has determined that it can clearly add value to the search process either on a complimentary basis or within a focused and narrowly defined universe.


TMB provides advisory services on a range of topics including candidate sourcing, candidate development, search & selection strategies/design, employment branding, compensation and reward planning.


About Us

Founded in 1996, TMB Executive Search is a boutique asset management focused executive search firm advising traditional asset managers, hedge funds, private equity funds, venture capital funds and investment consulting firms on Japan public and private equity investment appointments based globally.

TMB operates on a retained, contingency and advisory basis. We design multiple service models customized to pinpoint how we deliver value to our clients most effectively.

Our team and advisors have broad experience both within and outside of finance and investment management with both large corporations and SMEs.



Collaborate closely and transparently with our clients through regular communication with client’s investment executives and human resources. This allows us to comprehensively assess the characteristics and dynamics of a position from multiple perspectives, target our efforts more effectively, and enhance candidate idea generation.
Develop an intimate understanding of our client’s business goals, corporate culture, organizational structure, investment style/approach.
Acquire insight on the responsibilities and expectations of the position in the immediate term and how these may progress and evolve over time. We examine our client’s team structures and composition, leadership and reward planning schemes.
Provide selected candidates with detailed client insights to assist with their assessment of the opportunity both in the immediate term and also long-term alignment with their career goals.
Share our feedback and assessment to both client and candidate through every stage of the interview process


Traditional Asset Managers

Hedge Funds

Private Equity Funds

Venture Capital Funds

Investment Consulting Firms

Corporate & State Pension Funds

Sovereign Wealth Funds


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